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As new businesses develop while existing ones expand, the need for comprehensive asset protection programs, fraud prevention, corporate intelligence, due diligence, and investigative services also grows. Corporate Integrity Services, LLC "CIS" is an Oklahoma-based boutique licensed investigative agency with a global reach associated with seasoned and focused professionals with the required expertise to provide such services to large and small organizations. Additionally, when Corporate Executives, Board of Directors, Regulators, or Tribal Governments need an independent and objective resource to assist in resolving sensitive and timely issues, CIS can also help with those matters.

Lynwood B. Smith, President & CEO of CIS, is an Oklahoma Licensed Private Investigator who has spent his career providing Asset Protection, Executive Protection, and Investigative Services and contracted by Government Agencies, both Foreign and Domestic, publicly traded companies, and some of the world's most well-known executives and high-net-worth individuals. Mr. Smith also provided executive protection to those individuals and countless celebrities over the years. As a result of those experiences, Mr. Smith has been tried and tested and knows first-hand the importance of confidentiality. Meeting and exceeding his employer's and client's expectations is a testament to his character, commitment, and ability to serve you.


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Based on the previous years reported fraud events, the ACFE estimates that a typical business loses 5% of its revenue to fraud each year.  Only 15% of these fraud schemes were discovered by internal audit, 4% by external audit, 3% by surveillance and 2% by internal controls.

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Association of Certified fraud examiners Report to the nation 2020

"While Executives and Boards focus on building business and shareholder value, fraudsters line up to reap the benefits of their hard work. When Executives and Boards additionally focus on aggressive, proactive asset protection and fraud prevention programs, they also build critical shareholder confidence and trust."​​
                                                                  L. B. Smith, CFE

Lynwood B. Smith - CertifiedFraudExaminer Since 1997


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​​​​​​Perpetrators of Fraud

Perpetrators with higher levels of authority tend to cause much larger losses.  The median loss among frauds committed by owner/executive was $600,000, the median loss caused by managers was $150,000 and the median loss caused by employees was $60,000.

The vast majority (76%) of all frauds in our study were committed by individuals working in one of the eight departments: accounting, operations, sales, executive/upper management, customer services, administrative support, purchasing and finance. This distribution was very similar to what we found in our 2016 study.

Most occupational fraudsters are first-time offenders with clean employment histories.  Approximately 89% of occupational fraudsters had never been charged or convicted of a fraud-related offense, and 86% had never been punished or terminated by an employer for fraud-related conduct.

Approximately half of the cases in this study involved multiple perpetrators who colluded with one another to commit fraud. Fraud losses rose significantly when more than one fraudster was involved in a scheme. With three or more perpetrators the median loss was $350,000.00.